Airport Transfers

Private transfers from the Montego Bay airport to the hotel will be provided by a company called Amstar.  Below are some step-by-step suggestions for your arrival experience.

  • After you exit the airplane, you will present your passport at immigration and they will give you a little immigration sheet.  We’ll need a copy of this when you get to the hotel, but keep it tucked in your passport for now.   While you’re waiting at the baggage carousel, you should take the time to properly return your passport to a safe place.   Your pocket or an outside pouch on your backpack is not a safe place.


  • Next, you  will collect your luggage.  It’s best if you don’t accept assistance from anyone while you’re doing this.  Hopefully, your luggage has wheels and you can manage it on your own for  a few hundred feet.  You may need to refuse offers from friendly, official-looking guys with big carts.  If you accept their offer, you’ll need to tip them yourself when you get outside and our team takes over for them.  They are not a free service from the airport.  You should be prepared for $5 per bag in cash, and have it ready in your pocket without  having to open your wallet or purse in the middle of a crowded curbside.


  • After you have your suitcases, look around and make sure you haven’t set anything down, then exit out of the  baggage claim area.  An Amstar representative will be waiting for you with a Great Western sign.


  • If you traveled with  us to Playa del Carmen, you’ll remember Jared.  He will be waiting  for you with our local guides.   They will have a sign with the Great Western logo and your name on it.  In case you haven’t met him, here’s a picture of Jared:

  • If you have any questions about this process, I’m available by phone or email before we depart.  If you experience any delays or disruptions in your travel process on the 15th, please text me at 801-706-1717.  You may also WhatsApp me at the same number.  Mexico is now considered the same text rates as the U.S. on T-mobile.  I’m not sure about the other  carriers.  You’re also welcome to call me at 801-706-1717.
  • When you  arrive at the hotel, I’ll be waiting there with your registration details to assist with  check-in.  We’ll celebrate your arrival on Monday night at the welcome reception.